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When I started writing my about page, I thought I should check out other Personal Brand websites to Know how they are explaining their real-life Stories. And Surprisingly I have read some amazing and inspiring stories. 

I read about how some of those personal brands became ashes to diamonds and Contributes to this world after reading those stories for the first time in my life.

I have started thinking about my Past life & experiences to find out some key highlights of my life. So I can Find out what unique and extraordinary things I have done in my life that can Prove my Contribution to that Particular world. 

So it can add value to your life in any manner.

The purpose of sharing my Story will automatically be Fulfilled if you Start Taking Full responsibility for your life from today if you want to achieve things that you want in your life.

It took me into my childhood. where I was born. where I grew up. and what happened well in my life and what happened wrong in my life… It was like I was watching my own film in a backward sequence. 

I was clearly able to see a little cute smile on my face… that same smile came on my face when I was writing these lines… At this moment I instantly know that I am from inside…

Who always able to make a smile on his face when he sees any Problems and Difficulties in life that same innocent smile encourages me to every time whenever I have to take any big decision in my life that one smile helped me to get out of trouble and failures that I have received in my life…

While thinking about my childhood when suddenly a failure word comes into my mind then suddenly whole my beautiful scene stopped.

Then one by One all my life’s Failures Film started Know I am clearly seeing my whole film of failure

How I failed in my studies. How an Average Studying Student looks like sitting on a backbench and non-seriousness in the study. and full of shyness when it comes to talking to the girls. average in all the Subjects

Then my Story jumped to My College Life. Then again I am seeing myself as a Non-Serious Person in life without any goals and Objectives and Without any Future plans. enjoying Parties and Bunks from my College lectures.

That time when someone asked me what I thought about studying. I am always saying study doesn’t have many benefits in our life.. whatever we learn does not come useful in real life. The mean study that we learn at collages has no Practical use.. 

we are totally unable to practice those theories in real life that is the reason I do not want to waste my mental resources in learning those things…

My Main Skills

There are the following things that I am working on for the past 8 years...